The Light Within

Angelic Reiki® is a powerful system
for the integration of the pure vibrations
of the Angelic Realm and to tap into
the infinite knowledge that
is within you, ready to emerge.

This is an inclusive system for healer Light workers, for those who wish to clear many denser aspects
of their body systems, and to release many old patterns of conditioning that cause one to suffer.

The Angelic Reiki® system has always intended to be a system of healing, that through the use of symbols which channel Divine Archetypal Energies, will attune the seven bodies of man to their original divine vibration. In order that these symbols are transmitted to students in their purity, they are not given as an initiation by the teacher who is holding the workshop. That teacher opens up a space, a vortex of energy, whereby the Angelic Kingdom manifests their energy around each student and anchors the symbols into the appropriate chakras. The symbols are thereby given at divine vibration, and as such, affect the consciousness of each student from the moment they are given.

In Angelic Reiki® all of the symbols given, are given through the full 7 levels of form and Divine form.

There are 4 courses available to reach the Master Teacher level:
~Angelic Reiki® 1 & 2
~Angelic Reiki® 3 & 4
~Professional Practitioners
~Master Teacher


Angelic Reiki® 1 & 2 Full Syllabus

~An understanding of the process of clearing and dedicating a healing space. Also the closing of the space after the session is complete.
~A definition of Angels through the understanding of them as the Divine archetypes of this created universe.
~Cleansing and attunement to Angelic Reiki® 1st Degree.
~Cleansing and attunement to Angelic Reiki® 2nd Degree.
~Activation of the symbols by Lord Melchizedek to their Galactic vibration.
~Entity release if needed.
~The Angelic attunement by the 30 Archangels of the Mighty Sarim, including the attunement of the Master crystal.
~Activation by Archangel Metatron of the Reiki symbols to the Angelic vibration.
~Introduction to the laws and rules of healing as given by Djwhal Khul to Alice Bailey in the book "Esoteric Healing".
~Four healing methods and healing exchanges.
~Explanation of distance and self-healing.
~Angelic Reiki® for pregnancy and babies, and the support of our new crystal children.
~Explanation of how to create a sacred space
~How to attune crystals and essences to Angelic Reiki® and how important this is.
~Provision of the 1 & 2 workbook to each participant, at the start of the class, and explanation of the material in this book.
~The shape, sound, drawing, and meaning of the symbols are NOT taught. Simply to look at the symbols integrates their vibration into the recipient's consciousness. The most perfect symbols and energy are provided, brought and guided by the Angelic Kingdom of Light (not the healer).

Further Your Journey in Angelic Reiki®

Classes coming soon:

~Angelic Reiki® Practitioners Certification Course
~Angelic Reiki® 3&4 Certification Course
~Angelic Reiki® Master Teacher Certification Course